The health and fitness industry is forever overcomplicating training.  In order to become better at  strength and fitness training we must understand the fundamentals of movement. There are basically 7 main movement patterns that our human body is capable of doing. Understanding these movement patterns will help you to become more competent in your own […]

  • How to be a better version of yourself

    “There are more things…likely to frighten us than there are to crush us; We suffer more in our imagination than we do in reality” – Seneca This quote from Seneca is always going to be relevant and extremely close to home when it comes to your health and lifestyle.  It’s always going to be scary […]

  • Sleep your way to health

    Is sleep the missing ingredient to your healthy lifestyle? We all try to be healthier and better versions of ourselves through exercising, eating well, stress management, and being more active in general. However, sleep is often overlooked and under-utilised as a major component of health. If you’ve got everything else in check with your health […]

  • “The squat of the upper body”

    “The squat of the upper body”

    Most of us know that the squat is the king of all exercises. But what is the equivalent for the upper body?

  • The king of all exercises

    The King of all exercises –
    The barbell squat

  • Master the basics of strength training

    Master the basics of training
    A simple guide to help you program your strength training

  • Type II diabetes is a bigger pandemic than COVID-19

    What Type II diabetes is and how we can prevent it and reverse it

  • Overfed and undernourished

    The importance of eating high quality, single-ingredient food, instead of low quality highly processed calories.

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