“There are more things…likely to frighten us than there are to crush us; We suffer more in our imagination than we do in reality” – Seneca

This quote from Seneca is always going to be relevant and extremely close to home when it comes to your health and lifestyle. 

It’s always going to be scary to take that first step into the gym after years of being sedentary. 

It’s always going to be hard to transition from eating pizza, ice cream and other BS foods, to then, actually prioritising your health and eating whole foods.

It sucks waking up with low energy and somehow falling exactly into the same routine that you’ve been doing for the last ten years that makes you feel like crap. 

If this resonates with you, please keep reading…

I will refer back to the quote “We suffer more in our imagination than we do in reality”…your mind is in a state of avoidance if you do not take ownership of your own health, fitness, wellbeing and life. 

It is up to you to make that big change. To escape from the imprisonment of your mind, and to be free to make choices that actually serve your health. Becoming a healthier version of yourself not only serves you, but the people around you…your loved ones and family. 

Your daily habits, have a direct correlation with how you feel, how you look, and how you perform as a human being. Therefore, it is your responsibility as a person, to stand up and get these things in order to become the best version of you that you could possibly be. 

Your daily habits, can even include how you think about yourself and if you are not fit and healthy, deep down, you will see yourself in a negative light eventually.

“I’m fat” “I’m unhealthy” “I feel like crap” “I have zero motivation” are things you may even think frequently about yourself or even identify as. I have some good news for you though, all of these thoughts and feelings can be changed. 

I’d like to give you some tips on how to take the first step of getting out of your own head and becoming a healthier version of yourself.  

  • Set yourself the target of eating healthy for a couple of months. (Check out the blogpost “Overfed and under-nourished” on advice about nutrition) You will see tremendous progress in how you feel and overtime you will look great. 
  • Get at least 7 and a half hours of quality sleep per night
  • Hydrate as soon as you wake up and set hourly reminders to drink more water. Bonus tip: Add Himalayan salt to your first glass of water in the mornings for improved energy and focus. 
  • Join a gym and ensure you go at least 3 times per week consistently for a few months
  • Prioritise getting outside and walking for 20-30 minutes every day
  • Start intermittently fasting to improve your cognition, focus, and gut health. A 16:8 approach of intermittent fasting may help you a lot. 
  • Early morning sunlight exposure for 5-15 minutes every day as soon as you wake up.

You will have to take these steps in stages to incorporate these habits gradually into your life overtime. It may take several months to eventually do all of these daily habits, however, I can guarantee you that you’ll feel the best you have ever felt. When you adhere to these actions on a daily basis consistently, you will not want to revert back to being unhealthy, lacking motivation and being the old you. 

If you’ve read this and are currently following all of these steps, congratulations, you are now a more formidable human.

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